Thrust Boring Machine FK-160 thrust boring machine fk 160

Thrust Boring Machine – Ground Mole
Underground Boring Machine

Operation Areas
-The Thrust Boring Machine provides accurate horizontal bores beneath roads, railways without trenching the ground.
By boring with Ground Mole, underground supply lines such as pipelines for gas, water, communication and energy cables can easily be furnished underground without any damage to the structures on the ground. Furthermore, daily life is not disturbed while operating.

– ALLAME Thrust Boring Machine rockets are manufactured in diameters of 50 mm., 75 mm., 97 mm., 132 mm., 160 mm., 190 mm. and 232 mm. The diameter of the hole to be bored determines the diameter of the rocket to be purchased.
– The Ground Mole operates underground, moves in the horizontal direction with forwarding and backward motion.