Down The Hole Hammer Drill

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Hammer drill – Down the hole hammer is a pneumatic drilling hammer, that is used in

the operations of mining and bringing out underground water for a boring purpose.

Hammer Drilling – Down the Hole Hammer
Hammer drilling is a piling system wherein a percussive bit is utilized and fitted
to a rotary drilling rig using high-pressure air compressors to drive the hammer whilst drilling.
It is one of the most efficient methods to drill through hard rock strata. Down the Hole Hammer

Details: good rock breakage, high penetration rates, high productivity. Optimal hole quality, reliability,
and long service life give the best blasting results.

Unmatched in longevity and penetration rates, these performance-driven hammer drill models are able to drill
holes from 76,2 to 254mm in diameter.


• competitive hammers in both technical spec and longevity

• Simplified hammer design with less internal components
• Drill at the high-frequency shift to provide fewer vibrations and smooth operation

• Ability to drill efficiently despite high heads of water

hammer drill Hammer Drill down hole hammer spec
hammer drill Hammer Drill down hole hammer detail