About Our Company

ALLAME FABU Engineering produced first native Pneumatic Machinery in Turkey. FABU Engineering was founded by Fahri Bulut (İstanbul Technical University, 1963, Mining Eng.) as ‘commandite’ company in 1979. Then, it was changed to ‘incorporated’ company FABU Engineering Incorporation, in 1987. With its 25 year experience, FABU took place as an expert company in Pneumatic Machinery Manufacturing in Machinery Industry. FABU owned its ‘Quality’ and ‘Sufficiency to Manufacturing’ Certifications in 1983 from Turkish Standard Institute (TSE), and FABU Registered Trademark Certification in 1988 from Turkish Patent Office, to its original designs and products.
FABU Engineering Inc., also manufactures water, petroleum ve mining drilling operating equipment and general machinery equipment, upon request. Besides, our company is a supplier of drilling bits, breaking bits, excavating bits, compressed air hose pipes, machinery manufacturing steels, seamless steel tubes, yellow brass, bronze, and aluminum materials.

Our production plant has its own physical quality control equipment and testing units. Alloy steels, aluminum and yellow brass that is used in manufacturing are directly supplied from production factories, with analysis certificates under quality insurance. Our products are under 1-year warranty of Fabu Engineering Incorporation.

Our company gives big importance to research and development and try to meet all new project demands of our customers as much as possible. In 2000, ALLAME FABU was awarded by TUBITAK/ TIDEB, ALLAME FABU deserved Research and Development Project Support Award with its new ‘ Pneumatic Drilling Machine’ / Thrust Boring Machine.

Our main principle is to provide the product at a level that meets the expectation of our customers and to keep the high esteem of ALLAME FABU trademark.

ALLAME FABU was mainly serving to the domestic market in past years, for the next years, ALLAME FABU is targeting to increase its export amount and to become a widespread trademark within reconstructing countries.

COMPANY thrust boring factory
COMPANY thrust boring factory 2